Vertically integrated sustainable Bitcoin mining company

Prosperity Digital is a vertically-integrated, sustainable digital assets mining company with established headquarters in canton of Zug, Switzerland.


What makes us different?


Professionalism is our forte

Our strength lies in our operational and advisory team and their in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience, especially in energy, data center development and management industries.


Transparency is our policy

We want to flip the switch on skepticism surrounding digital assets mining, and Switzerland's digital currency regulations grant us an opportunity to operate transparently.


Commitment paves our roadmap

We are unwavering in our decision to use energy rationally, choose readily available sustainable sources, and involve local communities and existing data center infrastructure in the venture.


First order of business

We operate in a fully legal and compliant environment in all jurisdictions, and our self-mining and managed solutions are risk-free.


Where we aspire to be

Prosperity Digital's vision is to be a global, scalable, and sustainable mining data center provider and electrical energy provider from renewable sources. Our data centers will create new job opportunities for residents and serve as a catalyst for other industries.


How we will reach our goals

Prosperity Digital's mission is to operate scalable mining data centers with rational use of energy made possible by setting up infrastructure in geopolitically stable countries abundant in low-carbon energy sources and natural cooling.

Make a stable investment for the future

Areas of our expertise

Eletrical energy and energy distribution

With ample experience in energy distribution, supply, and offtake agreements, our carefully assembled team of advisors helps energize our data centers with hydro, wind, solar, and nuclear power.

Data center deployment and management

Our specialists possess deep expertise in Bitcoin mining data center deployment and operations, respecting the highest industry standards regarding profitability, uptime, network, auditing, and reporting.

Digital assets legal regulations

Our seasoned legal department is well-versed in the principles of digital-asset taxation, energy transmission and distribution tariffs, and economic aspects of grid access.


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