Success is a journey

There are no shortcuts in a stable business model — success is both strategic planning and team effort.


If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together - Ratan Tata.

We are not just interested — we are fully committed.


What we want to achieve

Our bottom line is not our end goal. We genuinely believe that utilizing Blockchain technology and digital assets economics are catalysts for numerous trailblazing prospects. The digital assets mining infrastructure development helps the energy infrastructure not just in remote corners of the world but also globally. This is the legacy we want to bestow on the world.


How big spenders help

Data centers are the first customer of remote sustainable energy sources and communities, and our workload bring balance to the asynchronously stressed electrical grid. The industry was enabled in 2019 when telecommunication companies began deploying the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks worldwide.


Putting words into action

When broken down into bite-size objectives, even the most inconceivable visions can become a worthwhile reality. We have laid out our plans before us. We are working hard to involve local stakeholders, collaborate with non-compete industries regarding waste heat usage, and ultimately become a standard in the industry and eligible for IPO.

Short-term goals

Steps we are taking in 9 - 12 months

Expand throughout Sweden

Deploy 43 MW intended for self-mining

Establish a professional operational team on site

Construct PoW for waste heat usage

Replace the district's current wood pellet heating process

Partner up with non-compete industries for heat valorization

Strengthen relationships with existing partners

Build long-term relationships with the communities

Expand Proof-of-Concept to Norway

Long-term goals

Where we see ourselves in 1 - 4 years

Grow Scandinavian operations

Reinforce the existing power infrastructure

Establish operations in North America and the Nordics

Expand the operational team globally

Become a standard in the industry

Plan an IPO by 2025 - 2026

Let’s find out where our needs meet.

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