Self-mining operations focused on the next generation of decentralized monetary systems

Sustainable blockchain processing of various consensus algorithms is paramount in creating new value and circulating the existing. We are committed to supporting our long-term vision.


Advantages of scalable cohabitation


Digital assets self-mining

Modern civilization habitat is centralized, creating an energy surplus in remote areas. Prosperity Digital facilitates that energy surplus by deploying fragments of decentralized large-scale Bitcoin mining operations in sparsely inhabited locations.


Consensus mechanisms

Prosperity Digital's vision is to develop sustainable compute capacity infrastructure for Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, running on low-carbon sustainable energy sources in stable geopolitical regions.


Think of future generations

We are deeply committed to preserving the environment, and we believe blockchain is more than another disruptive technology. It's an opportunity to reshape our world, build purposely in uninhabitable locations, and develop remote sustainable energy sources.

Prosperity stands for prosperity in the digital

Fully integrated large-scale self-mining operations securing a stable and continuous revenue stream without an intermediary body.

Make a stable investment for the future

Competitive outlook

Efficiency matters

An intelligent approach to competitive electricity prices leveraging predictive hedging models, electrical grid stabilization through a demand-response solution, and marketing the heat by-product allows us to operate well below average Bitcoin production price.

Global diversification

Prosperity is all about stability—the basis for incorporating our headquarters in canton of Zug, Switzerland, and running our self-mining operations in North America and Nordics.

Vertically integrated scalability

Prosperity Digital business continuity policy dictates that the data centers cluster is under our ownership and governance. All data center layers' planning and execution standards align with ISO certifications.

There's no settling for the second-best; we choose to deploy state-of-the-art infrastructure from verified manufacturers Schneider Electric, ABB, Bitmain, MicroBT, Canaan, and Intel.


Open a dialogue with Prosperity Digital executives on a tiered investment lineup

Be a part of a prosperous business case

Geopolitically stable regions, primarily North America and the Nordics, are Prosperity Digitals' investment interests.

Register your investment interest

Join forces with Prosperity Digital and diversify your investment portfolio. Running a continuous revenue stream does not require industry experience or in-depth knowledge — if you have investment interest, get in touch with us.

Register your sustainable energy source

You are an electric power producer planning a renewable energy source project, a readily available wind farm or solar park, or a prospect involving hydro and geothermal energy sources — we want to know all about it.

Register data center location availability

Mining operations of digital assets, primarily ASICs, are hosted in your data center. The location you offer must run on low-carbon energy sources to spark our business interest. If you are looking for a new tenant, M&A, or if you are selling — contact our audit team.

Apply idea for funding

Prosperity Digital welcomes new ideas in the data center industry and always keeps its eyes on the ball regarding sustainability, scalability, and efficiency. Contact our technical team if you have an idea to improve our business case.

Apply for technical audit

Do you own a possible location in line with Prosperity Digitals' business interest, but you are unsure if it complies with technical requirements? Reach out to our technical team for an audit and make your listing more compelling to us or other investment opportunities

Let’s find out where our needs meet.

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