Mining infrastructure powered by sustainable energy.

Get on board the new decentralized financial system with Prosperity Digital. We are a global and vertically-integrated, sustainable Bitcoin mining company.

Data centers consume substantial amounts of energy, regardless of their purpose.

Prosperity Digital focuses on

  • Data centers in areas with abundant sustainable energy sources


  • Reinforcing the existing power infrastructure


  • Creating job opportunities for the local communit

our pillars


Leveraging low-carbon sources

Employing low-carbon energy sources — hydro, wind, solar, nuclear — is not the future but the present. The only way for data centers to move forward is to embrace the rational use of cost-efficient, sustainable energy.


Specialists from different fields

Our team gathers professionals from various domains — energy, data center deployment and operation, digital-asset taxation, investment, etc. — whose combined experience and expertise brings about the change BTC mining community needs.


Geographically diversified

Instead of one large power-consuming data center, we build smaller optimized ones located where sustainable energy sources are bountiful. This made Sweden, a geopolitically stable country, the perfect starting point.

Let’s find out where our needs meet.

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