Mining infrastructure powered by sustainable energy.

Get on board the new decentralized financial system with Prosperity Digital. We are a global and vertically-integrated, sustainable Bitcoin mining company.

Changing the narrative

The misconception

There's a misconception that the digital assets mining industry is a huge energy consumer that contributes little to nothing to the communities in which their data centers are located. There is, however, a huge flaw with this “taker, not a giver” narrative.

The reality

Data centers are large energy consumers, no matter what they are used for.


How is Prosperity Digital different?

We focus our efforts on:

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    Data centers in areas with abundant sustainable energy sources
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    Reinforcing the existing power infrastructure
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    Creating job opportunities for the local community

Where to start the change?

We opted for Sweden, a geopolitically stable country with vast hydro reservoirs and wind parks. This setting enables making a profit while paving the way to a low-carbon economy.

We want to take part in this venture and strengthen digital assets position as the future of money.

Our business case

Let’s see how you, too, can join our venture. The resources include hosting, energy, energy distribution, network, data center management, and maintenance.

Digital assets self-mining

Diversify your asset portfolio and invest in the Blockchain infrastructure of the future to ensure future financial stability.

Managed solutions and services

Choose a long-term, reliable, and stable partner for long-term digital assets cloud mining. We do the heavy lifting for you.

Our company pillars


Leveraging low-carbon sources

Employing low-carbon energy sources — hydro, wind, solar, nuclear — is not the future but the present. The only way for data centers to move forward is to embrace the rational use of cost-efficient, sustainable energy.


Specialists from different fields

Our team gathers professionals from various domains — energy, data center deployment and operation, digital-asset taxation, investment, etc. — whose combined experience and expertise brings about the change BTC mining community needs.


Geographically diversified

Instead of one large power-consuming data center, we build smaller optimized ones located where sustainable energy sources are bountiful. This made Sweden, a geopolitically stable country, the perfect starting point.


Highly developed digital assets regulations

The company has its headquarter in Switzerland, a developed European nation with a stable political climate and economy. It is among the first countries to institute government regulations on digital assets, Switzerland continues to refine them, attracting investors and paving the way.

What we aim to accomplish

Expansion in Sweden

By aiming to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, Sweden provides the perfect conditions for incorporating social responsibility into the mining industry.

Global decentralization

Focusing on regions with renewable energy and highly developed legal frameworks related to digital assets mining has pointed to North America and Nordic countries as key locations.

New partnerships

Improving energy efficiency demands strategic partnerships with non-compete industries to achieve consensus regarding heat valorization under a circular economy model.


Let’s find out where our needs meet.

Expertise of our team

Professionals that rise to the challenge

Our advisory network and operational team specialize in different fields — energy, data centers deployment and management, finance, digital-asset taxation, compliance, audit — to name a few. Their comprehensive experience and skillsets ensure we take part in the global energy transition strategy and decentralized financial system.


Latest news

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